Smuggling in Alberdi

Alberdi is located on a small promontory opposite Formosa, Argentina. Actually a fishing village, but today is traded what should be illegal. Fake clothes, Nike sneakers, Chanel and Prada … all there. Refrigerators and air conditioners from China are being brought across the river in dozens of small boats. Customs on the Argentine side may also have trade benefits. In the packages, weapons and drugs are also crossing the border. So there is something for everyone and the trade works. When the government in Paraguay wanted to ban smuggling 3-4 years ago, there were huge demonstrations for the preservation of “jobs”. What should the smugglers live on when smuggling is prohibited? Our plan was actually to send our “Jules Verne” and “Marianne de Paraguay” rum to this distributor and sell it a bit in Argentina as well. To ease the smugglers’ work a little and to bring the goods to the limit.On the outskirts … on the one road that leads to the headland, we were stopped by the National Police. First there were two. Since they did not know our rum and I did not want to go straight, the economic police was called. All the papers were scrutinized … no mistakes, all right. Then the rum … “Jules Verne – Gold” and “Marianne de Paraguay” Rum … the national pride was written in the face of the bulls. And some boxes “Lulu Moonshine”. The police officer made of all detail photos. We are everywhere registered where you have to, all taxes paid … they just could not find a fault. Then a glimmer of hope … the EAN was not from Paraguay. Unfortunately that was legal too. After an hour and a long, handwritten report that said nothing, they had to let us go. Unfortunately, we could not sell our goods to the smugglers … they only wanted well-known brands. Johnnie or Bacardi. “Pure Single Craft Rum” is not yet an issue in smuggling. Craft beer is in its infancy for hipsters and upper class. Since we were getting hungry and I had only 20.000Gs (3 Euro) with us, we sold a few boxes to the local bodega. First they did not want – too expensive … after a small tasting then suddenly. The Bodegabesitzer looks at the bottle and is happy as a child. He says … “my country, my rum” then a sip – “hmmm que delicioso!” Anyone who tastes Jules Verne rum usually buys. So delicious, no different.