They will send 3,200 bottles of rums to the United States

Jules Verne Rum Gold is made of organic molasses and Jules Verne Rhum Agricole Gold rum has a high content of fresh sugarcane must, are the new products made in the city of Areguá and aim to conquer important markets such as the United States. United and Europe. The first shipment to North America will be made in September, consisting of about 3,200 bottles, according to Timm Hogerzeil, director of Hogerzeil Distillery.

“The production method is completely manual and all the products used are 100% free of additives. No caramelized sugar, added color or other substance of this type. We can say that all the ingredients are natural, “said the director.

Currently, these products are available in the premises of Casa Rica, Whiskey House, Bodega Boutique, supermarket chain Superseis, Deli-market, and soon at the national level, in select stores.


He mentioned that a few months after venturing into the local market, they already have a production level of around 5,000 bottles per month, in a presentation of 750 ml.

Regarding the Hogerzeil prices, he pointed out that the suggested retail for the Jules Verne Rum Gold amounts to G. 180,000, while for the Jules Verne Rhum Agricole Gold it is G. 230,000 the unit.

He also indicated that they are in the process of making a drink made from fermented mango pulp, in addition to working with other Paraguayan fruits. He added that this is a traditional German drink called “edelbrand”.


The director of the company did not want to disclose the amount of the investment, but stressed that to develop the project had a great advice from different companies in the country, and that motivated to undertake the venture and were very attentive in the process of establishing the company.

“It is very important to know the market, I am from South Africa, raised in Germany, but settled in Paraguay 3 years ago, but it was very valuable to advise people who know the sector to grow as a company,” said Hogerzeil.