A German producing Rum in Paraguay

In 2014 I founded a rum distillery in Paraguay. The raw materials are the best, because Paraguay has no heavy industry … untouched virgin natural raw materials of the highest quality.
My idea was to produce a rum without additives … pure single rum … no dyes, no sugar and certainly no added flavors. Everything and all honest, genuine and made only of the best ingredients.

Single … because every barrel is a little different. We do not blend. Each bottle has a handwritten batch and bottle number on the neck. Each batch a little different. With whiskey people know the differences … with rum these details did not matter so far. 

We are set out to make a different Rum. Premium … dry and without sugar. All you can taste in my rum is genuine … real French oak and molasse flavors. The wood gives a delicious smoky aroma with vanilla and light spice. The base is the Rum we make from certified organic molasses. Here we get the wonderful caramel, toffee and chocolate flavors. Everyone can see how I work on social media … no secrets! Links below.

Rum is a top premium spirit … if it’s produced without shortcuts. Everyone can taste the difference immediately.

Timms Odyssee

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