Lulu-Moonshine ready to drink cocktail 100% natural

Lulu Moonshine … a ready to drink cocktail
Lulu Moonshine is an easy, delicious drink for women and men. All natural and the alcohol 100% certified organic.
Who drinks Lulu is out to have fun … At 20% alc volume one bottle is enough for two.
A delicious and economic way to lose yourself.

Also as 200ml version for hotel mini bars or airline on board drinks.
For the african market we also offer an african version of “Lulu Moonshine”.

Cocktail: Lulu Moonshine pure on ice
An intense sweet natural flavor … a sensation on the senses!
Long Drink: 80/20 Lulu Moonshine and sparkling water on ice
A very refreshing slightly sweet long drink

  • Thorn of Love … with Fanta
  • Lemon Lick … with Sprite
  • Chocolate Lust … with milk
  • Strawberry Nights … with milk
  • 500ml milk bottle with black screw lid
  • Alcohol: 20% Vol
  • Chocolate Lust … chocolate – mint EAN 4260109412654
  • Strawberry Nights … strawberry – vanilla EAN 4260109412647
  • Lemon Lick … lemon – ginger EAN 4260109412678
  • Thorn of Love … orange – rose EAN 4260109412708
  • ​​​​100% natural – without synthetic aromas. Product of Paraguay
  • In cases of 12 bottles
  • 75 cases, 900 bottles per pallet